03 luglio 2007

Aggiornamento e sondaggio / Update and a poll

Lisa mi ha taggato, e se riesco a ricavare cinque minuti rispondo domani. Nel frattempo vorrei proporre un sondaggio: mi sembra di capire che spiegazioni puramente testuali in faccende come gli shadow stamps sono un po' carenti. Dovrei provare a fare dei tutorial fotografici? Potrebbero aiutare? Fateme sapé...

I was tagged by Lisa... OK Lisa, I'll try to do my best tomorrow...
I posted some templates on my blogs, some in Italian, some in English. Should I translate all of them in both languages? Should I try to make step-by-step tutorials with photos? Keep in mind that here in Italy stamping is just arrived and the techniques we use are rather simple...

10 commenti:

  1. Io penso che tu spieghi benissimo...ma qualche foto non guarsta mai. Cmq sei fin troppo gentile a spiegarci tutto quello che chiediamo!!!

  2. I think you pictures are perfect on the template you have now...easy to follow!! I mean I had to translate cm to inches, but they have converters for that!

  3. Sorry did not realized you had been tagged, but I also tagged you, on vacation and not keeping up with the blog thing. I have a translator on my site, don't know how well it works, but maybe that is somthing you can add to yours. Love your blog.

  4. Bhe.. l'idea non sarebbe niente male!!!


  5. Sarebbe perfetto per le tipe un po' limitate artisticamente parlando!!!!

  6. mi sono dimenticata di scrivere...COME ME!!!!;-)))

  7. ...sarebbe splendido...se non è osare troppo.. In ogni caso grazie.

  8. As someone who uses the translator on occasion (I do read italian)...I find it isn't very helpful. As much italian content is "modo di dire" nd the words don't make sense individually. I typically use Babelfish...and do the one or two words I don't know, rather than a whole paragraph. Just my 2 cents as the American that sort of know italian :-)

    I am just so thrilled to have found this site...I mean great stamping ideas AND the opportunity to practice my Italian!

  9. I would love to learn Italian one day, but can't read it yet! Would love to see everything in both languages, but I understand that this is very time consuming, so I don't expect it! If I do see anything that I don't understand I'll email you, I hope that is ok too!
    Happy Stamping,
    Michelle in Australia.

  10. Se pò fa!!!
    Grazie sopratutto per tutte le volte che sei accorsa in mio aiuto.... magari neanche sapendolo!!!
    Grazie ancora